After the most wonderful 12 years our Blu Boy has gone over the Rainbow> He is Greatly missed buy us and Many!!




MY Blu Boy
Girl and Dog



Adorable Italian Cane Corso Puppies



 Princess Juliet Loves to Play with the Puppies

Gain a new, lifelong friend with the help of Blu Cane Corso of Cleona, Pennsylvania. For more than 20 years, Lorah has bred sweet, sociable puppies that are looking for a good home.

Well-Mannered Pups
Blue Cane Corsos have a phenomenal temperament, and are protective over their family. They love to play with sticks, and are registered with International Cane Corso Federation™ and the American County Kennel Club™.

The period between weeks five through 12 is one of the most important times in a pup's life. Lorah makes sure that each puppy receives one-on-one attention to learn, grow, and be protected. They are raised around children and other dogs to socialize them. Lorah has a large backyard for them to play and have fun. 

A Healthy Puppy

With each litter, Lorah and her team give the puppies their shots and de-worm them at age two, four, six, and eight weeks. They also remove their tails and dewclaws, and house train them.

Humble Beginnings
Lorah saw a Blue Cane Corso litter for sale seven hours away, and found a quiet and gentle puppy named Blu. He was only at her house for two weeks, and he was already doing different tricks, like sit and stay. He could even say "I love you" for a treat and tried very hard to bring in the paper.

As Blu grew, he got to know and love everyone in the neighborhood. Lorah decided to clone him, so she bought his wife, Baby. She was a great mom Lorah and her family will miss her everyday.. With her first litter, she gave birth to the gentle, loving, and loyal Lily. You can hold her paw and hug her, and she will only lick you. This earned her the nickname Lickin' Lily. Lily likes to lick her dad's lips.

Each one is different and have their own personallity. They are Lorah's passion.They even sleep with Lorah on her side of the bed.

Lorah has now added Romeo, Karma, Juliet and Mi Amor to her family. They have wonderful temperments and are very loving. So now that Blu and Karma have  retired  the duel has  a beautiful litter of pups and she is looking forward to the next litter of Beautiful pups!  

 Lorah has added a new members to here family Princess Juliet and  Mi Amor. They are Formentino Cane Corsi. In the future she sill be added to her breedng program with Romeo And Bear. She really looking forward to seeing how They grows. If you would like to watch too you can look her up on her face book it's mosty about her dogs. @ Lorah frysinger Cantrell.


For Limited registration,  $2400.00. For full registration Breeding rights $3000.00.

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